Marine artist Carey Chen helps design new WBS logo Posted On: 31st Jul 2012 / Linda Fisher

Marine artist Carey Chen provided the work that was the source of inspiration for the new WBS logo. A genuine master of his craft, Carey Chen is gaining worldwide attention for his use of color, and his skill for capturing detail has catapulted him to the forefront of the marine art industry. Chen, who grew up in Jamaica, developed a love for fishing early on.

“I have been fishing most of my life. I am a self taught artist so the inspiration comes from being on the ocean and witnessing incredible nature scenes,” he said.

Positive reception of his early work for a tackle catalog led to Chen being commissioned to paint a giant mural on Captain Harry’s Fishing Supply in downtown Miami. Chen has since become the featured artist for The Miami Billfish Tournament and the Cayman Islands Million Dollar Month. His art continues to attract admirers, and most recently, Chen was invited to host The Puerto Rico International Blue Marlin Tournament, one of the longest running and most prestigious tournaments in the world.

WBS Logo Project

Chen’s piece depicts two intertwined marlin leaping from the ocean that we have affectionately called ‘Bert & Ernie’.

“Having caught hundreds of billfish and releasing them, I have a sharp memory for the vivid colors and shapes of the fish,” Carey said.

The artwork had to perfectly capture the dynamism and energy of the WBS, all while maintaining an uncomplicated design befitting of an effective logo. Carey used his precise knowledge of the marlins’ shape and anatomy to accurately render the two fish in a position that would be incorporated into the design of the WBS logo.

Reproduction of Carey Chen's original painting depicting 'BERT & ERNIE'

Design Development of the logo


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