About WBS Billfishing

For over two decades, the WBS has brought together the world’s most accomplished anglers, captains and mates for a billfishing tour that spans the richest blue-water fishing tournaments, across seven worldwide regions. Each year, we come together to celebrate the sport and compete in the pinnacle of billfishing competitions, the WBS Billfishing World Championship, where the victorious are awarded their rightful place in the Hall of Champions.

But more than a global tour and championship, we are a community of anglers, captains, mates, and enthusiasts dedicated to the virtues of true sportsmanship and marine conservation, as stewards of big-game fishing.

Recast in 2012

Formerly the World Billfishing Series (WBS), in 2012 we recast with a fresh new identity and vision for the organization as WBS Billfishing, under the new leadership of Andrew Johnson. “I’m excited,” said Johnson, “You’ll be seeing many positive changes in how the organization operates, how each tournament in the tour is treated, and the benefits we offer to members.”

WBS Leadership

Andrew Johnson Neil Salt Linda Fisher-Morgan

Andrew Johnson


Marilyn Johnson

Vice President

Neil Salt

Marketing Director

Linda Fisher-Morgan

Tournament & Membership Director

Your WBS

We all have a lot to look forward to as a result of this grand vision for the sport, so we want to remind you of your importance to this community. As a valued member, let your voice be heard and accept the invitation from Mr. Johnson: “Together, we can make the WBS the destination for everything billfishing.”

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